Day 1

I decided that I’m not going to post every day, but I will take a picture every day. I am shooting in RAW and have to do some post processing to convert to jpeg. I don’t mind, but just not every day. Maybe a few times a week. Also I’ve decided that for this project 365 some days I will have themes and challenges for myself, and some days I’ll just shoot. I hear that the real challenge is to keep it going. The official start is today.

Today I was going for a basic balanced formal composition. The subject was the gray portion of the muni meter. It’s centered right in the middle and a bit of space above it and less space at the foot. I think the next few posts will have this type of composition. I find it very easy to pick out the subject when I do this. It’s good practice for making sure the subject is dominant in the photo.



I’m feeling good so I’ll post one more pic I took today. Again very balanced and formal, and weighted towards the foot


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