Day 39 – coney island fun

Originally I was going to post all the pictures from my trip to coney island. Then I came to my senses. I took over 300. On one hand I am proud of myself. It was great practice and I am definitely getting better. Most of the pictures I like. I didn’t spray and pray like I would do before I decided to get better. Most are deliberate. However 300 is just too many for me to post so I’ll do a select few…..

… the way over to coney island originally the trip looked like it was going to be a wash….

…then I realized that it was just another opportunity to practice in different lighting conditions and to experiment. Then I created a few pics like these which I may end up putting on my wall…

….then in the terminal I found this dude among others trying to stay dry…..

…then after eating at Nathan’s noticed color starting to appear as the clouds starting to disappear…

…and the park started to look different…


…and people started to enjoy the beach again…

….we made our way to the pier to see the fishing….

…then we walked to the end of the boardwalk and found the kittens…

…then we headed back…

…special thanks to my girlfriend for putting up with me and all the picture taking, especially once around the cats. I think I have 1/3 of my pics of cats. Go figure…..


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